Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When will you tease me, Oh Krishna!
When will we have a scrap?
I wait for that final combat
That shall dispel our distressing gap

My body’s earthen pot I’ve saved
And preserved with addictive care
For you to throw stones
To break me free from this delusive lair

I am wearing the garb of ego
With lofty credentials around my name
Why don’t you steal that clothing?
Turn me into a new-born with no shame

Hidden in the unconscious waters of my mind
Remains the five-headed Kalia snake
Desires, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego
O Hari! Take control and help me to forsake

These senses are my own cows
Whom I’ve nurtured with the worldly grass
And grazed them on this earthly plane
For its milk I had to amass

I squeezed carefully the slippery udders
Chanting through your name, more and more
Those are my dutiful Purusharthas
For Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha, all four

Now the butter extracted from that milk
You will have to steal from me
Coz they are the fruits of my Karma
O Prabhu! Accept and set me free

My conceited intellect, is the Kubalaya elephant
Drunken with a taste of Logic’s wine
Won’t you tame it with your magical gesture?
Illuminating it with rays of The Divine

Whenever I try to transcend
The rigidities of my age-old actions
I start sinking in the deluge
Of my own karmic reactions

Oh Lord! Will you hold me?
To lead me in such a difficult hour
Give me the shelter of Govardhana
And your little finger’s elemental power

Uproot the bamboo of my existence
And cut a piece of small life from it
Trimming me by the sides to alter
Carving holes that are round and neat

Hidden mysteriously in this musical wand
Is your perfect allegory of the astral self
Six holes as the Shata-Chakra centres
But blocked with piles on the karmic shelf

Unclogging the path of its axis
Turn me into your hollow flute
And blow your energized breath into me
Flowing through Sushumna till the root

With six fingers over the holes
I only hear my Prarabdha's sound
And engage in Kriyaman Karmas
To disown tendencies, to which I am bound

Then, lift of fingers from the bottom
Opens up my Kundalini centres
Oh Krishna! Such symbolizes your instrument
Through it, when the Musical Sargam enters

Let the thrust of your Prana
Ascend through the Shata-chakra shaft
With timely release from the six voids
A mystical music you will craft

I am waiting for that cosmic tune
To enchant my hungry soul
I wait for that final combat with you
That shall deport me to my destined goal

II कृष्णं वन्दे जगत्गुरुम् II